New Location

After two years, I have to admit that I don’t blog enough or seriously enough to justify the cost of having my own domain.  So….I’ve made the decision to let it go and move back to Blogger.  I am not moving my archives, just saving a few posts that matter to me, so when the subscription runs out at the end of June/beginning of July this blog will simply fade away.

I am keeping the same name and will be playing with/tweaking the look over at Blogger.  I also hope to get back to posting on a more regular basis and that those posts will be of a more “meaty” nature than just the usual roundup of weekly memes….not that those will be going away.

Anyway, from now on you can find I Carried a Watermelon at

Sunday Stealing, Memorial Day Edition

Time for a little Sunday Stealing!

  • When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?  It’s been a few years.  It makes me sad that writing letters has, for the most part, become a lost art.  I’d still write, but everyone that I wrote to has either died or stopped writing….and I’m not writing to anyone who doesn’t write back.
  • Can you change the oil on a car?  Heavens, no!  And why would I want to?  That’s why there are trained mechanics out there.
  • Ever gotten a speeding ticket?  Nope.  Just lucky, I guess, because I’ll admit I do exceed the speed limit now and then.
  • Run out of gas?  Nope, again.  I have, however, had to take gas to my husband many, many, many times.  He is so stubborn about stopping to put gas in a vehicle….always thinks he can go just a few more miles.
  • Favorite kind of sandwich?  Grilled tomato and provolone or mozzarella with garlic and basil.
  • Best thing to eat for breakfast?  Leftover pizza.
  • What is your usual bedtime?  During the school year I’m in bed by 10:00 at the latest on work nights.  Weekends and during the summer I’m rarely in bed before midnight.
  • Are you lazy?  About some things.  I really hate folding laundry and will procrastinate forever on that.
  • When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?  When I was in first grade all the teachers at the school my mom was librarian at made these huge, wacky paper mache heads and wore them to visit all the classes.  My mom’s had shredded newspaper hair, dangling earrings, long fluttery black construction paper eyelashes and these HUGE sparkly red lips.  I loved that thing and wore it many times growing up.  Mom doesn’t get rid of anything so it’s still packed away in her attic should I ever get the urge to wear it again.
  • Do you have any magazine subscriptions?  No, but I should.  I read a lot of magazines and subscribing would be much cheaper.
  • Which are better, legos or lincoln logs?  Legos.  Lincoln Logs are so boring.  All you can build is a log cabin.
  • Are you stubborn?  I can be if something really matters to me or I know I’m right.
  • Who is better…Leno or Letterman?  I liked Letterman better.
  • Ever watch soap operas?  I don’t any longer, but I used to be totally hooked on Days of Our Lives, Another World, Texas, and Santa Barbara.  In the 80s I was all about Hope and (be still my heart) Bo.
  • Afraid of heights?  Not really, but I can be a little nervous about the method of reaching them.  Like ladders.  I hate climbing ladders.
  • Sing in the car?  Of course!  I have the singing voice of a bull moose with a cold so the car is pretty much my safe place for singing.
  • Dance in the shower?  Heck no.  I’m getting older….I might slip, fall, and break a hip or something!
  • Dance in the car?  How am I supposed to do that?
  • Ever used a gun?  Many times.  I own several of my own.
  • Do you think musicals are cheesy?  Yes, but I totally love them.  Grease is my all-time favorite, closely followed by the version of Hairspray with John Travolta in drag.
  • Is Christmas stressful?  I wish I could say no, but getting ready for Christmas stresses me to the brink of a stroke.
  • Ever eat a pierogi?  I live outside of Pittsburgh…what do you think?  Pierogies are their own food group.
  • Major annoyance right now?  Having to go back to school on Tuesday for a day and a half.  It’s ridiculous.  All they’ve done for the last week is field trips and parties and you KNOW they’re not going to do anything productive on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They’re only there for 2 hours on Wednesday for cripe’s sake.
  • Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?  Zoologist, architect, writer.
  • Do you believe in ghosts?  Nope.

 Have a safe and happy Memorial Day, everyone!

A Successful Hodgepodge

1. How should success be measured? Using that as your standard, who is the most successful person you know? (Or one of the most successful?)  The world measures it by fame and fortune, but I have seen an awful lot of people with plenty of both who have been miserable.  I guess that’s why my answer is that a successful person is one who is content with the life they have created for themselves and who has found joy in knowing God.

2. Have you ever been to a hot air balloon launch/fest/party? Ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon? Is that on your bucket list? According to Frommers the ten best hot air balloon adventures in the world are-
Loire Valley (France), the Serengeti (Tanzania), Napa Valley (California), Lake Champlain (Vermont), Cappadocia (Turkey), Istria (Croatia), Gstaad (Switzerland), Yarra Valley (Australia), Muelle (Costa Rica), and Albuquerque (New Mexico). 
Which one on the list would you most like to experience?  I’ve never been to a balloon launch/fest/party or taken a ride in a hot air balloon.  Is it on my bucket list?  Not really, but I wouldn’t mind going up in one….the ones over the Serengeti and Napa Valley sound nice.

3. May 25th is National Brown-Bag It Day. Did you/will you pack a lunch today? When did you last pack a lunch for someone and what are your go-to ingredients for a brown bag lunch?  I don’t think I’ve packed a lunch for anyone since my kids were in school.  They took pretty basic stuff like sandwiches because they were picky eaters.

4. What’s one of your favorite dance scenes from a movie or television show?  I love the scene from “Dirty Dancing” when Baby carries the watermelon to the party in the staff quarters and the kids are dancing.

5. John F. Kennedy made famous the line, ‘…Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” So what can you do for your country?  These days?  Prayer is number one on my list of things to do for my country and its leaders.  I also try to stay informed and vote based on that rather than on my feelings or opinions.  I also try to do good and help my fellow man when and where possible.

6. Weekends are made for __________________________________.  During the school year the weekends tend to be about catching up on chores on Saturdays and then maybe relaxing or seeing family on Sundays.  In the summer it’s all one big weekend for me.  Ha!  The weekends in summer are when I’m more likely to go on a trip, though.

7. On this last Wednesday of the month, bid farewell to the month of May in seven words or less.  May ends and so does school, yea!!!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.  In case you haven’t figured it out from some of my answers, I am on the final countdown….just 4 more days of school!  Woohoo!  It’s been a long, unseasonably cool and rainy month up until now.  These last days promise to be sunny and terribly hot (close to 90 degrees on Friday!) which is not exactly fun in a school bus, but I am so happy about this year being over I don’t even care.
The hubby was on vacation last week in an attempt to get some projects done around here before he gets sent off to a project that will involve a long commute and leave him too tired to work around here at night.  The weather didn’t cooperate very much and while he got a lot done, he didn’t get to work on re-contouring and grading the yard at all.  The ground still hasn’t really had a chance to dry out enough for that, though he is hoping to start working on it in the evenings in the next few days.
Our son and his family are coming home Sunday to celebrate Memorial Day and friends of ours want to get together on Monday…just easy, relaxing picnic days all around.  I hope you all have wonderful celebrations with your families and friends, too!

Murder Comes by Mail

9780800727055_p0_v3_s192x300A. H. Gabhart’s Murder Comes by Mail is the second book in the Hidden Springs mystery series and it drops the reader right down in the lives of the inhabitants of sleepy, little Hidden Springs like we’d never been away.  All though there are quite a few characters we’re familiar with, it is the handsome deputy sheriff, Michael Keane, who is at the center of things.

Murder Comes by Mail opens with Michael driving a church bus filled with the ladies of The First Baptist Church of Hidden Springs to see a play in nearby Eagleton.  As the bus approaches the Eagle River bridge Michael spots a man standing on the wrong side of the railing.  A jumper! Michael ends up saving the man’s life and thanks to Hank, who runs the local newspaper, has his face in the papers and on the TV news where he’s being called a hero.

There is something about the jumper that bothers Michael from the very beginning and he has a bad feeling that turns out to be spot on.  When the jumper walks out of the hospital women start turning up dead!  Photos of the women both alive and after death are sent to Michael and others who are close to him.  All of the women after the first one have at least a minor connection to Michael and he fears for all the women he is close to.

There is a monster on the loose in Hidden Springs and not everything is as it seems.  Can Michael stop the killer before he kills again…..and before he convinces everyone that Michael is the killer?!

You can find out in Murder Comes by Mail.  It’s an entertaining read and has plenty of twists to keep you guessing.  The Christian theme isn’t strong, but it’s a “clean” read and that was really nice.  On the whole, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Ask Questions

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Stealingthe meme where the questions are stolen (but credit is given to the one we stole it from) and the answers don’t matter as much as the friends we make.  Join in the fun by clicking the link or the button below.


ASK QUESTIONS MEME which is apparently not stolen or one from the archives since there’s no link to the source.

Here’s to us thieves, happy answering!

1. What type of criminal would you be?  Probably not a very good one, but I think if I were going to give it a try, I’d want to be one like Robin Hood who takes only to fight tyranny and help its victims.

2. What are you listening to right now?  A rerun of The Big Bang Theory.

3. If you had to choose a stripper name, what would it be?  Jiggles MacPhee

4. If your phone started ringing, who would you hope is calling?  I haven’t talked to my son for a while so it would be nice if it was him.

5. Do you drink alcohol?  Yes, I enjoy wine and the occasional mixed drink, generally made with rum.

6. Do you smoke?  No.  I can’t stand to be around smoke.  Weird, since growing up ALL the men in my family smoked constantly.

7. What is the first thing you notice in someone?  Are we talking about what we find attractive in someone?  If so, I usually notice smiles first and as we talk, I like someone who is easy to talk to and makes me laugh.

8. Do you get attached easily?  No.  I’ve been burned pretty badly and I tend to hold back, put up walls….whatever.

9. Do you like your eye color?   I really don’t even think about it any more.

10. Have any stupid human tricks?  There was an episode of Happy Days where the Guiness Book of Records people came to town and everyone was trying to get in the book.  There was one guy who lifted his arm to shoulder level, bent the forearm back and stacked quarters on his elbow.  Then he dropped his arm quickly and caught all the quarters in the hand of the arm they were stacked on.  For some reason this really captivated my best friend and I and we practiced it a lot.  I got to the point where I could catch about 20 quarters.  Is that stupid enough?

11. Humor me. What physical ideal do you imagine in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner? Physical ideal….6 ft. tall, brown or black hair, blue eyes, nice build (not muscle-bound), and a killer smile.

12. Any other essential quirks/interests/other you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?   They would have to be a Christian, share the same basic philosophies, and be able to make me laugh.

13. Have you ever stolen anything?   Probably as a kid, but nothing as an adult.

14. Any romantic gestures you really like?  My hubby is a bit of a workaholic so after 32 years I’m pretty happy when he simply takes the time to focus on our marriage and me and treats me like a princess for a while.

15. What’s your favorite color and why?  A nice pumpkin orange, because I love all things autumn-y. 

16. What were you like when you were a kid?  I was a nerdy tomboy.

17. What would your dream house be like?  It would be either a large old farmhouse or a log house.  It would be simple, slightly rustic and in the country, but not way out in the boonies.

18. What last made you laugh?  We went out to dinner with friends last night.  We laughed all evening.  I don’t remember laughing today….not that it’s been a bad day or anything.

19. Do you have a place you like to go to collect your thoughts?  Not really, but I have a feeling that is going to change this summer as we just finished fixing up our deck and I’m turning it into a real comfy haven filled with all my favorite things.

20. What is your favorite word?  I’ve had a life-long love affair with words.  I couldn’t possible choose one.

21. What is your least favorite word?  I don’t like hearing the f-bomb over and over or the cuss words that are crude names for parts of the anatomy.

22. Would you go bungee jumping/sky diving if given the chance?  No.

23. Do you have any siblings?  No.

24. Do you like to dance?  I do. Not Dancing with the Stars kind of dancing…more like American Bandstand kind of dancing, but I can often be found boogying around the house.

25. What is your definition of cheating?  Presenting yourself as something you’re not, whether that is as a single person when you’re married, a capable worker, a good student….doesn’t matter.  If you try to get away with something by means of trickery and deception, that’s cheating.

A Stuffed Hodgepodge

1. Tell us about a time you found yourself ‘in the middle of nowhere’. Was this deliberate?  Once on a family vacation I asked my husband if we could drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a while.  It was beautiful and the mountain views were spectacular, but after a while we’d seen enough and decided to get back on the interstate.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t seem to find an exit or anyone to ask.  We drove a long time before finding one and then what looked like a hop, skip, and a jump to the the interstate turned out to be a meandering, 35 mph drive of about (I kid you not) 6 or 7 hours!  It was in the wee hours of (Easter) morning when we finally pulled into our own driveway.  My husband didn’t talk to me for 3 days!  So, it was sort of deliberate in that I wanted to go on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but also sort of not because I never dreamed we wouldn’t be able to escape from it.
2. What’s something you’re ‘in the middle of’ today or this week?  The husband took some vacation time this week so we are working on a lot of outdoor projects (at least when the weather has cooperated).  We’re trying to get them done before his next project starts up because it comes with a long commute…which means he will be leaving early in the morning and getting home later and exhausted.  There’ll be no time or energy for projects.
3. At what age do you think ‘middle age’ begins? What does it mean to be ‘middle aged’?   I don’t like the idea, but I guess I’d have to say it begins around 50.  As for what it means….a bit more freedom, at least for the women, since children have been raised….worries about things you never had to worry about before like elderly parents, retirement or lack of and who will care for you when you are old if you need it….new aches and pains and health issues….hot flashes….chin hair….children who suddenly view you as feeble-minded….but best of all, grandchildren!
4. Ravioli, stuffed peppers, samosas, deviled eggs, steamed dumplings, pierogis, or a jelly donut…your favorite food (from this list!) with something yummy in the middle. Your favorite not on the list?  Okay, this one is a no-brainer.  I live not far from Pittsburgh and have lived here most of my life so, d’uh….pierogies!  My favorite not on the list?  Mountain pies.
5. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying ”In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.’Would you agree? Have you found this to be true in your own life? Feel free to elaborate.  I agree with old Albert. As a Christian I believe that if God doesn’t cause something then He has allowed it and if He has allowed it there is a lesson in there that I’m to learn.
6. What’s a song you remember loving from your middle school years? Do you love it still?  Saturday Night Fever was HUGE when I was in jr. high so I remember all the songs and yes, hearing the Bee Gee’s still makes me want to put on my boogie shoes!
7. May 18th is National Visit Your Relatives Day. Will you celebrate? Which relative would you visit if time, distance, and expense were not considered.  No.  I’ve never heard of it and besides, it’s a work day.  I don’t have time to go visiting.  If there weren’t any considerations to take into account, I’d probably vote to visit my husband’s sister in Alabama.
8. Insert your own random thought here.  I’m a wee bit stressed today.
th (5)

Sunday Stealing, May 15th Edition

Welcome to Sunday Stealing, the meme where the questions are stolen, but where we thieves give credit where it’s due….at least to the source we stole it from, but you know they stole it from someone else.

Anyway, enjoy the meme and click on the button to check out all the participants and to get the “rules” if you want to join in.

Do you keep notes, drawings or letters that people give you?  I used to keep everything but I’ve learned to be a little more selective.  My house only holds so much stuff and a lot of things I used to think were important just don’t seem that way any longer.

How many true best friends are present in your life?  I have several good friends, but I only have two best friends, friends I bare my soul to…my husband and Fran.

Do you currently have a significant other?  I’ve had the same significant other for the last 32 years.

Would you be able to stand being in the same room as someone you hate?  Well, I consider hate a wasted emotion, but I have disliked a few people and I’ve been in the same room and lived to tell the tale.

Do you depend on people at all, in any way?  I’m sure I do in some way, though I can’t think of anything right now.

Have you ever lost a close friend?  To death?  Only once so far.  When I was in 9th grade one of the local Catholic churches was having their festival and one of the activities involved a helicopter flying over and dropping numbered ping pong balls into the crowd.  Flying so low created an updraft that caused the helicopter to crash into the crowd.  Several people were killed instantly by the rotors, others died later, and many more were injured.  I hadn’t been allowed to go, which I’ve always taken as a sign of God protecting me because had I gone I would have been standing next to my best friend and another close friend…both of whom were killed.

Has anybody ever held a grudge against you for a dumb reason?  I had a friend in Junior high who was always mad at me for something.  I didn’t get it then, but looking back I can see it was jealousy that caused her to be so mean.  She got mad at me for some unknown reason right as we started senior high and never talked to me again.  She never told me what happened and she spent the rest of our days in school bad mouthing me to anyone who would listen.

Have you ever stayed up late talking to someone you like on the phone or online?  Yes, but it’s been years and years, like talking to my hubby back before we got married.

Have you ever felt backstabbed by a close friend?  Yes.  When I left my previous employer to work for my current employer I kept the information that I was moving on to myself until the school year was over because had my previous employer found out they might have fired me and they definitely would have messed with my end of the year bonus.  When I finally told a coworker who I also considered a good friend she got mad at me.  That night after our banquet was over I went to tell my immediate boss the news and found out that he already knew.  My “friend” had told him….and everyone else that would listen during the banquet.  All she did was convince me I was right to have kept it to myself.

Have you ever regretted ignoring anybody?  I don’t think so.  I don’t usually ignore people because I know how crappy being ignored makes me feel.

Has a friend of yours ever confessed their love to you?  I’m ashamed to admit that a couple of different guys I considered friends in college did that in sort of round about ways and I just didn’t get it until years later.

Have you written or drawn anything for somebody else?  I have.  I used to write things for my grandmother all the time and I used to draw stuff all the time and give it someone.

Do you tend to hide your emotions from certain people? How do you hide them?  Yes, I do.  I don’t know “how” I do it.  I guess I just shut them down for some people.  Mostly I do it when people hurt me.  I refuse to let them see they’ve hurt me.

Do your friends know how to make you smile in tough times?  A couple of them.

Could you picture yourself on a reality TV show?  No.

Are you better at drawing or coloring?  I’d have to say coloring.  I haven’t really kept up with drawing and have lost the skill.  I’d have to work really hard to bring it back.  Here’s a picture I did last year in one of those adult coloring books.

14394_10205683201293002_6989560145564495880_n (1)

Do you prefer meat or seafood?  You’d think that since this question is part of nearly every meme we’d have had this settled by now, but such is not the case.  I always prefer shrimp over everything else.

Have you ever read the Bill of Rights / Declaration of Independence?  A long, long time ago I read both.  Recently I’ve read parts of each due to the crazy things going on in Washington.

Would you rather become a police officer or a firefighter?  I don’t have any desire to be either.  I commend and thank both, but it’s not for me.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Saturday 9: These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ (1966)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song/video, Ms. Sinatra’s boots make a serious fashion statement. Do you choose footwear for comfort or fashion?  It used to be purely for fashion, but then a little thing called getting older started coming around and leaving its calling card.  One of the ways age has chosen to let me know it’s here to stay is plantar fasciitis (flat feet) so comfortable footwear is an absolute must these days, but I try to find cute “orthopedic” shoes.  I’m thankful there are several companies out there who design them.

2) This is by far the biggest hit of Nancy Sinatra’s career, which includes 6 top ten hits. Can you name another?  I think she did one of the James Bond theme songs, but I don’t know which one.

3) Nancy recorded it on Reprise Records, which was founded by her father, Frank. Did your parents give you a leg up in your chosen career?  No, but I kind of gave up the whole career thing to get married and raise a family.

4) Professionally Nancy has been involved in espionage, singing the theme to a James Bond movie and appearing in an episode of The Man from UNCLE. Do you enjoy spy/secret agent stories?  I like Bond movies.  I can’t say I’ve ever really watched too many others.

5) Nancy maintains the official Sinatra family website, which includes a link to the site of Mia Farrow. Ms. Farrow was, briefly, Nancy’s stepmother, and obviously they are still on good terms. Do you have a big, extended family?  No.  My family is pretty small on both sides.  My husband comes from a huge family, though.  Kinda makes up for it.

6) Nancy’s music — and posters — were very popular with the troops during the Vietnam War. Nancy continues to return their loyalty and affection with her efforts on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Here’s your chance to promote a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. What charity gets your support?  Pretty much any organization that supports our veterans or our police and I support a child through Compassion International.

7) Nancy hosts a Sirius radio show devoted to her father’s music. Do you have a subscription to a satellite radio or podcast network?  No.  I had it for a while when I bought my car, but we live in a mountainous region and I lost signal a lot.  I decided it wasn’t worth it.

8) Nancy has said that she and her sister Tina had a more comfortable relationship with their famous father than their late brother, Frank, Jr., did. Do you think it’s easier for mothers to get along with their sons, while fathers have an easier time with their daughters?  That generally seems to be the way it works out, but depending on circumstances it can go either way, I think.

9) Random question: Tonight’s dinner is on us. Would you prefer to eat at a casual restaurant with exceptional food, or an exclusive restaurant with so-so food but a celebrity clientele?  I’ll take the casual restaurant with exceptional food, please.  I am not impressed by celebrities and have no desire to do something or go somewhere just because they do.

In the Beginning….The Diet

071008-color-stackedSomeone sent this to me today and as I am getting ready to start a new exercise program and yet again change my patterns of eating, I found it to be truthful…and also completely hilarious. Maybe you will find it funny, too.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and populated the earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives.

Then using God’s great gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Krispy Creme donuts. And Satan said, “You want chocolate with that?”  And Man said, “YES!” and Woman said, “As long as you’re at it, add some sprinkles.”  And they gained 10 pounds and Satan smiled.

So God said, “Try my fresh green salad.”  And Satan presented Thousand-Island dressing, buttery croutons, and garlic toast on the side.  And Man and Woman unfastened their belts following the repast.

God then said, “I have sent you heart healthy vegetables and olive oil in which to cook them.” And Satan brought forth deep-fried fish and chicken-fried steak so large it needed its own platter.  And Man gained more weight and his cholesterol went through the roof.  God then created a light, fluffy, white cake, named it “Angel Food” and said “It is good.”  Satan then created chocolate cake and called it “Devil’s Food.”

God then brought forth running shoes so His children might lose those extra pounds. And Satan gave cable TV with a remote control so Man would not have to toil changing the channels. And Man and Woman laughed and cried before the flickering blue light and gained pounds.

Then God brought forth the potato, naturally low in fat and brimming with nutrition. And Satan peeled off the healthful skin and sliced the starchy center into chips and deep-fried them. And Man gained pounds.

God then gave lean beef so that Man might consume fewer calories and still satisfy his appetite. And Satan created McDonalds and its 99-cent double cheeseburger.  Then said, “You want frieds with that?”  And Man replied, “YES! And supersize them!”  And Satan said, “It is good.” And Man went into cardiac arrest.

God sighed and created quadruple bypass surgery.

Then Satan created the Obama Health Care System.


Long Weekend

This past weekend was a 3-day weekend for me.  There was no school on Friday because *wink,wink* the teachers had an in-service day.  In reality, it was prom day.  The school just schedules the in-service day to coincide with prom every year so they don’t have to deal with half the high school skipping out.  Whatever….a long weekend works for me no matter what the reason.

On Friday I “kidnapped” a good friend and we ran away for the day.  We went to antique malls (yes, multiple malls), bought goodies and sampled the glazed donuts at The Pie Shoppe.  I brought home cinnamon rolls and a strawberry-rhubarb pie.  Yum!  We scarfed down seafood at Red Lobster and stopped by the craft store before finally deciding we guessed we had to go home.  It was an escape from reality I was very much in need of.

We actually didn’t do much of anything on Saturday.  The hubby and I took my car to be inspected at 12:30, which took nearly 2 hours since it was also my 15,000 mile appointment. The good news is everything passed with flying colors.  Yea!!  On the way home we stopped at Walmart for a few groceries….and other things that always seem to mysteriously appear in the cart when one shops at Walmart.  The weather had turned rainy by then so the hubs couldn’t work outside.  We spent the evening watching TV and a movie.

Mother’s Day was sunny here, but chilly and very, very windy.  We didn’t have any plan so the hubby and I went to Lowe’s and another garden center to look for flowers for my outside pots. We got those and also ended up buying several vegetable plants to grow in pots on the deck. Then it was off to Bardine’s, home of truly amazing locally grown and butchered meats.  We were just doing some stock-up shopping, but the place was packed.  We guessed it was all the people looking for something to grill for Mom.

I found my present from my daughter when I got home…..SHE CLEANED THE KITCHEN AND DID THE DISHES!  Loved it.  My son called, but he’s not really the sentimental type, which is fine. They’ve all been sick off and on lately, as well.  Our grandson had scarlet fever!

We relaxed for a bit after we got home and then hubby and I went outside to get some work done.  I planned to pot all those plants we bought while he did whatever it was he planned to do.  I got the biggest (and nicest) surprise when after setting up a table for me to work on (so it’d be easier on my back, he said) he stayed and helped me pot every single plant!  I don’t know what’s up with him lately, but I like it.  I really hope it means he’s feeling better than he has for a while.  He even sat out on the swing with me for a while.  Sweet!

There’s not a lot else going on around here.

We ordered the Tai Cheng exercise DVDs that they show on TV.  They should arrive by the end of the week.  I don’t know if my hubby will actually do it, but I can’t wait.  It promises to restore good balance and heaven knows my accident-prone self needs that!

The hubs starts his next project next week (unless something changes…and it could) so after he finishes repairing a fallen hillside today or tomorrow, he’s going to take the rest of the week off to work on projects around here.  Once he starts that new project, which is about a 2-hour commute each way, he won’t have the energy to work on stuff around here.

The clock says it’s time for me to head back to work (darn clock), but I guess I can suck it up. There are only 16 more days of school.  Have a blessed Monday and week.  I’ll see you again tomorrow or Wednesday!